Stopwatch XL

Finally, a new stopwatch that could be included with every new iPhone and iPod. 
What better to complete your new totally cool Apple device than a Stopwatch that looks this good!

-Able to count up to 999 Hours
-Both Portrait and Landscape modes supported
-100th of a second accuracy
-iPad ready enhanced graphics - Even looks great at 2x
-Able to Save Results to files (Standard TXT)
-User editable named files - (only iOS 5.0+)
-Creates Spreadsheet compatible CSV files
-Able to view files inside App
-Able to print Results to AirPrint compatible printers
-Select from 3 Background Color Styles
-Select from 3 Button Sound Effects
-Left or Right hand operation - (Swaps button placement)
-Computes Average lap time
-Displays Best lap time
-Most features controlled by user settings: On/Off
-Continues timing while in Background

We are always open to user suggested features!
Just ask! We love suggestions from users!