Net Tools HD

A New Cool tool for us Network Gurus to use... 
Use this Network utility to Ping an IP address to see if it responds and to see how long it takes to respond. Ping continuously to monitor a networked device to make sure it is up and running. So simple to use, and no need to carry around a bulky laptop for Network analysis, just use the easy to mange iPad. Want to know the IP of a domain, no problem, just use Domain Lookup. Need to see all the locations your data is hopping over the Internet, just use Trace Route to see what devices are re-routing you data...

Please note, this Net Tools App is intended to grow in number of features based on user feedback, so please visit our site and submit suggestions!

-Trace Route
-Domain Lookup
-IP Lookup
-Save multiple IPs and Domains for repeated use
-Save Multiple Notes or Results to keep track of Network problems
-Full support for both Portrait and Landscape